Creativity is only limited by our imagination
Art has always been a major part of my life.  My passion for photography developed in High School, though it wasn't until recently that I began taking it more seriously.  
I began my photography path with a basic Lifestyles approach.  I set no boundaries, I shot what I wanted, and created my artistic vision through the lens of my camera.  This style of photography has always been exciting to me, and has many challenges.  It has been argued that a landscape looks empty without a subject.
After thinking about this, I decided I wanted to take my artistic approach to the next step, and begin shooting Models, and Portrait photography.  The majority of my Model and Portrait photography is a hybrid of my initial Landscapes approach, however this time I have included a human subject in the foreground.
Apparel and accessories can only compliment the subjects, so it only seems natural to focus on the the creativity of others, to help them grow.  My shots have been used by companies for their advertising, and for their social media.  
Please check out my page. If you would like prints of any of the images, please let me know (please note, portrait prints will not be given without the models permission). 
If you would like to schedule a photoshoot, please contact me via the contact tab. 
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